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Royal 1150k 105ah Deep Cycle

Royal 1150k 105ah Deep Cycle

Royal 1150K Battery Semi-sealed maintenance free and is a calcium-lead acid battery.

  • 5 Year Design Life
  • Capacity AH @ 20Hr Rate: 105 AH
  • Dimensions: 331 x 173 x 241 mm
  • Weight: 25.9 kg
  • Capacity Hour Rate: Royal 105 AH

No need to add Distilled Water to Royal batteries, it use special alloy calcium lead for minimal fluid loss (less than 1/10 of other batteries) meaning that there is no need to replenish distilled water throughout the life of the battery.

  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: R105
  • Weight: 24.00kg
  • Dimensions: 25.00cm x 12.00cm x 22.00cm
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